Tips for Being a Successful Leader

Leadership is a necessary character trait of any successful captain, however, this is not a lesson often offered in the curriculum at school. Successful executives who emanate leadership are so much more than their ability to make influential decisions and direct team meetings, but it took them time to embody a positive and benevolent leader. As you navigate your leadership role consider these recommendations.

1.     Recognize Good Work

It can be easy to get caught up in everyone looking to you as the supervisor, but be wary of getting caught up in your title and authority. Keep in mind that your team can also be a significant influence on your success, so it is useful to acknowledge and recognize their contributions. It is not enough to silently acknowledge their hard work to yourself, so consider taking a few moments out of your day to compliment one of your team members each day for their diligence and dedication. It may offer an employee who is feeling frustrated some validation and support.

2.     Laugh it Off

Laughter can be a great relief to all during stressful times, especially when there is an error or issue. Work can be stressful, so when encountering struggles, it can be helpful to take a moment to laugh and enjoy some self-deprecating humor. The levity offers a lighter atmosphere and environment that offers others the ability to do the same.

3.     Own Up and Be Accountable

It can be very tempting to save your image and brush off or ignore blunders, however, errors can offer a marvelous opportunity to showcase true leadership. We are all humans, mistakes are natural and inevitable. When issues and oversights happen, take ownership of it, and hold yourself accountable as you would others. When accepting responsibility it can be useful to avoid self-deprecation and inauthentic speech, as it can discredit the moment and minimize its impact. A leader who never admits that mistakes are possible can create an environment where flaws are not acceptable and end up promoting an unhealthy culture. Consider taking the opportunity of an error to offer your experience to others and allow them to view your vulnerability as a sense of strength.

Great leaders take many opportunities to support their company and teams, whether that be through positive reinforcement, laughter, or accountability. It is important to recognize and implement small steps that you can take within your leadership role to promote a healthy environment and model positive behavior for your team.

Tips for Being a Successful Leader