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Using Factoring for Cash Flow

It’s not uncommon for businesses to face cash flow problems. Unfortunately, not every business owner can qualify for a traditional business loan. If you’re dealing with cash flow issues and have customers that are slow to pay their invoices, factoring can provide a solution. What Is It? Factoring (or invoice factoring) offers an alternative to[…]


Leadership is a necessary character trait of any successful captain, however, this is not a lesson often offered in the curriculum at school. Successful executives who emanate leadership are so much more than their ability to make influential decisions and direct team meetings, but it took them time to embody a positive and benevolent leader.[…]

Funding a New Business

A unique idea that fits the needs of clients and is interesting is crucial to starting a new business. However, no amount of ideas can make up for a lack of funds. Would-be entrepreneurs must find some way to secure business financing if they want to have a real shot at success. Businesses need start-up[…]

Tips To Improve Your Daily Habits

There are plenty of perks to being your own boss, most of which revolve around not having to be at the mercy of someone else’s bidding. However, being on your own can also present its own drawbacks, like not having someone around to keep pushing you towards your goals. Since entrepreneurship can be a lonely[…]

Why Merchant Cash Advance Will Work for You

You’re not alone if you struggle to maintain positive cash flow for your small business all year long. Emergency expenses or a slow season can sometimes be all it takes to leave a company without enough revenue to pay its bills. A merchant cash advance can come in handy in this situation. You receive a[…]

How AR Funding Benefits Small Businesses

There are dozens of bills that your company has to pay every month so you can stay in business. You have to pay utilities in order to operate your equipment, rent in order to have facilities, wages in order to have a staff and on and on and on. This is something you accept as[…]