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A small business loan is specifically intended to give startups access to funding that may otherwise be difficult to acquire. A good SBA loan can cover practically any small business need, from purchasing equipment to renovating a building. If you’re looking for a reliable loan that comes with great terms and rates, you’ve come to the right place. At Optive Commercial Capital, we specialize in small business loans for all types of companies.

Properties We Frequently Work With

We enjoy working with many different property types. If you aren’t sure whether your property will qualify, simply give us a call. Here are a few of the most common property types we work with:

  • Car washes
  • Car dealerships and repair shops
  • Single-purpose buildings
  • Child care facilities
  • Veterinary practices
  • Gas stations
  • Nonconforming properties
  • Motels and hotels

You can apply quickly for a loan if you need to build, refinance or purchase a property for your startup.

Equipment Financing

It’s no secret that equipment can put a big dent in your budget. That’s why we often recommend financing your equipment, especially if you’re just starting out. We offer financing for manufacturing equipment, machine tools and everything in between. Whether the equipment you need costs a few hundred several thousand dollars, our equipment financing program can cover it.

Qualification Details

Fortunately, it’s not hard to qualify for one of our small business loan products. We’ll take a look at your cash flow and analyze how well your company manages it. We’ll also review your credit profile to make sure you’re a good fit for one of our loan products. Upon approval, you’ll be the beneficiary of an exceptional loan product with terms up to 15 years and very low rates.

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