Equipment Financing

Alternative Financing for Your Equipment

If your business is looking for equipment financing to help cover the cost of the tools you need to offer your services, Optive Commercial Capital has what you need. We offer three leasing programs that provide you with the means to grow your business without putting your budget under strain.

3 Programs for Your Business

Choosing the right program is essential, as they are designed for specific types of businesses. Take a look at the three we offer:

  1. Businesses that want to own: For some, the desire to own is there but the budget isn’t. Therefore, we can lease your equipment to you and then hand the ownership over to your business once you make the last payment.
  2. Governmental agencies: We’re proud to be able to help government and municipal bodies lease the machinery they need. Fire departments, public schools, armed services, state agencies, public libraries and police departments are all covered by this program.
  3. Startups: New businesses may not want to use a large part of their startup budget to purchase equipment. Fortunately, this program for equipment leasing can help you obtain the necessary equipment to establish your presence and provide your services.

5 Reasons You Should Lease

There are many reasons why leasing is beneficial for your business, not the least of which is that you can have the equipment you need. Your agreement can be approved in less than a week, so you can have access to your new equipment almost instantly. Here are other reasons you should consider leasing:

  1. Pay off loans over 84 months
  2. Increase your cash flow
  3. Outfit your business with new equipment
  4. Repay with low and fixed monthly payments
  5. Preserve your lines of credit

Begin Leasing Today

If leasing is right for you, Contact Us today to learn more about our equipment financing programs. Our experts can help you through the process and set up your lease agreement.