Accounts Receivable

Tired of Collecting on Outstanding Receivable Accounts? Get Money for Them Instead!

Many businesses have clients that take a long time to pay. If you fall in this category and are tired of dealing with outstanding receivable accounts, Optive Commercial Capital may have a solution. Our accounts receivable program gives you the opportunity to sell your accounts receivable invoices to us. When you take advantage of this program, we provide you with immediate funds in exchanged for your discounted invoices. Many of our clients love this win/win situation. When you don’t have to worry about collecting on outstanding invoices, you can spend more time focusing on improving your sales and fulfilling orders.

Program Details

There are a variety of benefits that come along with financing receivables, including:

  • No recourse
  • Increased funding as your receivables increase
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • Cash within 24 hours in most situations
  • Funding that can help you fulfill unexpected orders

We don’t monitor how you spend the money. You’re free to use it to pay for operating expenses, inventory, payroll, or anything else your business requires. Because the amount of receivable financing you receive is based on your customers’ credit and not your own, you’re essentially selling an asset instead of incurring more debt. It’s a good situation for many small businesses to be in.

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