Broker Referrals

We’re on the Lookout for Fresh Talent

If you are looking to join a team of financing experts, put your sales experience to practice and join us in our mission to help businesses secure financing, then welcome to our referral and broker program. As we continue helping clients, we need more talent on our sales team so we can meet that demand, and you might be the perfect fit.

Supportive Benefits Behind the Scenes

We appreciate all the hard work you put into helping our clients find the right financing for their needs, and we want to show you our appreciation in tangible and non-tangible ways. To begin, we make sure you have the necessary knowledge of our products and services, so you can feel confident in your duties. Other benefits for you include the following:

  • Open lines of communication with other expert team members
  • Access to pertinent funding resources
  • Help securing financing solutions
  • Reciprocal referrals when clients return
  • Commissions and referral fees for your projects

Essential Team Member Qualities

There are certain qualities our outstanding referral and broker program team members have and we look for those during the interview process. As this is a customer-driven industry, we believe listening and problem solving skills are of the upmost importance. After all, you need these skills to secure the appropriate financing and have happy clients. We also believe these characteristics are important in our team members:

  • The drive to complete your assigned tasks
  • A friendly personality to build relationships
  • The confidence to convey our services and help clients
  • The ability to stay organized during projects
  • A sense of humor to diffuse tension and stress

Call To Reserve Your Interview Time

Our team is waiting for new talent to join the ranks and help us achieve our goal of securing financing for our clients. If you think you are a good fit and want to become a part of our referral and broker program, Contact Us today to reserve a time slot for your interview.